Problem while installing Air 1.0

Since the incoming of Air 1.0 monday, I was unable to install it on my computer at work. I well have removed any previous beta version of the Air runtime, well cleaned "common files" from any Air related folder. But each time I tried to install Air 1.0, a message tells me that the installation failed, nothing else. I have found a solution today.

So here is a little trick for anyone having a problem to install Air 1.0 after removing any previous Air beta version :

  1. Use an extract tool like Winrar, Winzip or whatever to extract the files contained in AdobeAIRInstaller.exe to a folder of your choice. The installer is is an SFX ZIP archive.
  2. Find and use setup.msi in the extracted files. The install succeed.

It works for me, I hope that it will for you.