TortoiseSVN optimization tip

TortoiseSVN settings window screenshot

If you work with TortoiseSVN on Windows, you've probably noticed that its process TortoiseSVNCache.exe does a lot of unexpected disk I/O. The reason is that TortoiseSVNCache.exe is used to render icons overlays in Windows Explorer. So each folder and all its sub-folders are, by default, recursively scanned to display their corresponding SVN status icon overlay.

A setting exists to set which folders TortoiseSVN is allowed to scan. You will of course set it to only scan the folders that contain local copies of SVN repositories. As we all know this is often only two or three work folders on the filesystem.

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Air apps need a widget mode

AIR restricted mode installer

It's been a long time that's one of my favorite feature request, but it becomes even more important nowadays as Adobe competitors are already on it.

Note that I do not want AIR to export widgets only, never! What I'm talking about is to have an option to export a sandboxed or normal version of the same AIR app. I'm with you on "launch another application from Air", "USB access" and all others extra system access on normal apps.

Oliver Goldman from Adobe said they would activate the restricted access mode as soon as possible on his blog exactly one year ago:

Some future release of AIR might offer to perform this function for you - that is, restrict the system access of certain applications. With that capability, you might make different decisions about which applications to install.

Mentally make the list of all connected AIR apps you use. Which are those that actually really need to fully access your hard drive to work as intended? A Twitter client or the excellent New York Times AIR reader doesn't need to fully access your file system to work. They only need a sandboxed local storage space and they already have one with the SharedObject. Other solutions as SQLite, application folder, etc ... are needed in my own opinion, but all sandboxed.

We need this more and more hardly because Silverlight 3 will, JavaFX will and now Curl 7.0 has announced that they would do so.

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