Flash Player 10.1 beta 2 is out

PureMVC Loadup for Flash demo screenshot

I twitted this earlier in the afternoon. It seems that Adobe did not announce it for now, but some versions of the Flash Player 10.1 beta 2 can already be downloaded.

Links on the page from Adobe Labs related to Flash Player 10.1 are still pointing to Flash Player 10.1 beta 1 files at the moment. But I read a news on PCInpact.com (a French tech news website) which was untitled "Flash 10.1 Beta 2 est de sortie : NVIDIA sort de nouveaux pilotes" which means "Flash 10.1 Beta 2 is out : NVIDIA publish new drivers" in English language.

The news announce better performances, less bugs for the player, support of DLP projectors for 3D Vision and of course that new NVIDIA drivers seems to better handle Flash Player 10.1 now. Surprisingly, I found links in the news pointing to a new beta of the Flash Player 10.1. As Adobe did not announce it officially, I suppose that PCINpact had the links directly from NVIDIA.

So, while the official Flash Player 10.1 page on the Adobe Labs is not updated, you can download the new Flash Player 10.1 beta 2 version from :

Update 1 (12/15/2009): Tom Barclay (Flash Player Product Marketing at Adobe) told us in the
comments that those versions aren't final release and must not be used for testing.

Update 2 (12/16/2009): It seems that Nvidia was a bit premature on announcing those links
to their commercial partners and Adobe deactivated them. So, they don't work anymore, sorry.

Update 3 (12/18/2009): Official now, Flash Player 10.1 beta 2 final releases are available
on Adobe Labs, more infos from Tom Barclay on the Flash Platform blog (including debug releases). I reactivated the links above but you can preferably go to Adobe Labs now.

Using PureMVC Loadup utility with Flash IDE

PureMVC Loadup for Flash demo screenshot

The Loadup library is a PureMVC utility intended to add support for Lazy Loading in PureMVC applications. It can also be used to load assets and report progress during loading.

I recently had to use the assetloader package of the PureMVC Loadup utility in a pure ActionScript project. When I finished to integrate it in my project, I realized that my application took an unwanted 120KB file size. After a little exploration, I found some direct references to mx.core.UIComponent or mx.controls.Image in the AssetOfTypeImage, AssetOfTypeSwf and AssetOfTypetext classes of the PureMVC Loadup utility.

As you may know, UIComponent is the base class for all Flex SDK components and is required when you compile a Flex project. As it requires a lot of dependencies and take something like 120KB, when file size is critical, a good choice is not to use the Flex SDK UI components in your project. Another side effect of using it is that it prevents to compile the project from the Flash IDE as Flash IDE currently can't compile most of the Flex SDK dependencies which is quite frustrating as PureMVC is intended to be fully Flash/Flex compatible.

When I reported this problem on the PureMVC forums some users asked for a solution, I promised to blog mine. So here it is.

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