Robotlegs for Silverlight alpha

Robotlegs for Silverlight logo more than inspired by the official robotlegs for ActionScript 3.0 logo

I'm working on a port of Robotlegs for Silverlight in background on my spare time since February. As I'm on a Silverlight and C# learning track, I found this would be a great way to practice C# and Silverlight when it also could help the Robotlegs community.

My goal with this post is to give an insight of the project to people who asked me which is its status and real value and if it have chances to reach a final version.

This alpha contains Robotlegs for Silverlight library sources and its Unit Test project. You can launch the Unit Test runner here in live.

I'm currently working on an HelloSilverlight demo which is basically the port of the HelloFlex demo of Robotlegs for ActionScript 3.0. As it's the first real implementation of the framework outside simply passing Unit Tests, it shows that some serious changes and decisions will have to be made before a second alpha in which the demo have to be included.

The project is developed with Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2010 Express Edition so it guarantees that anybody can work on it with a free Visual Studio license. Visual Web Developer allows only to target Silverlight, but the project could easily be imported in Visual C# 2010 Express or Visual Studio 2010 to target WPF applications.

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