Extension to remove image previews from Twitter timeline

Extension to remove expanded images from Twitter

Late October 2013 Twitter added a feature that automatically expands tweets that contains images or video. Remember that Twitter will (supposedly) makes its initial public offering this week. It's with no doubt a way to introduce ads or promoted tweet images and video to their users and future share holders.

This said, as Twitter user, I find it to remove a lot of information from my timeline when having tweets text replaced by any media content. With the following, we easily can understand that we can have two tweets where one image stands up in place.

Before November 2013 Since the update
Collapsed images in the Twitter timeline Collapsed images in the Twitter timeline

On a whole page, containing near than 20-30 tweets it removes most of the informations when having a lot of images in it. I prefer Twitter to share text, links and opinions than images. If I wanted to share images I would use Facebook instead.

Also some find this quite annoying. I so have developed a tiny extension that simply hides auto-expanded images from the Twitter timeline while still allowing to expand tweets by your own.

I made the project open-source and pushed it on Github under the Twean name.

Yesterday Geoffrey Dorne published an article on the extension and mobile apps. If it has some more success and some want a Firefox extension, I can decide to develop one too.

8 thoughts on “Extension to remove image previews from Twitter timeline

  1. I can eventually considerate to develop the same extension for Firefox if more people ask for it. I have hundred of other things to do right now.

  2. It’s working! Yay! You’re my new best friend. Thank you.
    And if you do ever get around to creating the extension for Firefox, I will be eternally grateful. :) Thanks!

  3. I’m back to bug you. :) Any chance you’re planning to develop the extension for Firefox?

  4. Just recommended this great extension to several other people on Twitter that are Chrome users

  5. Thank you Pat.

    I hope that changes Twitter has planned on its web interface will not break the magic. I’ll try to take care of it as soon as it will be published anyway. I’m the first user of my own extension and can’t use Twitter without it. ;)

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