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Open Source Flash Player petition

As you may know through my previous blog post, last year I created a feature request on the Adobe bugbase. It had some minor success. Only 87 people voted for now. I know this is due to the URL located on the Adobe bugbase website, the way that votes are displayed and pretty much because users need to subscribe before seeing the vote numbers and even be able to vote.

So I decided to buy the openplayer.net domain name and to create a website entirely dedicated to a petition to ask Adobe to open source Flash Player.

If you like the idea, please lets spread the information and sign the petition!

Flash Player 10.1 beta 2 is out

PureMVC Loadup for Flash demo screenshot

I twitted this earlier in the afternoon. It seems that Adobe did not announce it for now, but some versions of the Flash Player 10.1 beta 2 can already be downloaded.

Links on the page from Adobe Labs related to Flash Player 10.1 are still pointing to Flash Player 10.1 beta 1 files at the moment. But I read a news on PCInpact.com (a French tech news website) which was untitled "Flash 10.1 Beta 2 est de sortie : NVIDIA sort de nouveaux pilotes" which means "Flash 10.1 Beta 2 is out : NVIDIA publish new drivers" in English language.

The news announce better performances, less bugs for the player, support of DLP projectors for 3D Vision and of course that new NVIDIA drivers seems to better handle Flash Player 10.1 now. Surprisingly, I found links in the news pointing to a new beta of the Flash Player 10.1. As Adobe did not announce it officially, I suppose that PCINpact had the links directly from NVIDIA.

So, while the official Flash Player 10.1 page on the Adobe Labs is not updated, you can download the new Flash Player 10.1 beta 2 version from :

Update 1 (12/15/2009): Tom Barclay (Flash Player Product Marketing at Adobe) told us in the
comments that those versions aren't final release and must not be used for testing.

Update 2 (12/16/2009): It seems that Nvidia was a bit premature on announcing those links
to their commercial partners and Adobe deactivated them. So, they don't work anymore, sorry.

Update 3 (12/18/2009): Official now, Flash Player 10.1 beta 2 final releases are available
on Adobe Labs, more infos from Tom Barclay on the Flash Platform blog (including debug releases). I reactivated the links above but you can preferably go to Adobe Labs now.

Voting for Adobe to open source Flash Player

ActionScript Love Formula Screenshot

I'm not specifically what you can call an "open-source evangelist" nor a specialist of the problem, but as a user and Flash developer, I think it's now time to open-source Flash Player.

Adobe already have made great moves to open source their technologies. Just have a look at the official Adobe websites like opensource.adobe.com, www.openscreenproject.org, www.opensourcemediaframework.com They now have a good knowledge on developing open source softwares destinate to a community.

A lot of things are currently moving around Flash technology, like the W3C hardly looking for royalty-free, open source solutions for HTML5. Open video player initiative. Silverlight 3 becoming now mature on Windows, Mac, and soon Linux. Google buying On2 video solution (the same video codec still in use by Flash Player). And many other things that some of you even better know than me.

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Users must trust Air

Two weeks ago Oliver Goldman from Adobe wrote a post where he reveals that the warning about installing an Air application will stay in the next version, even if you choose to publish an application that do not access the user file system.

I personally think that this will tarnish the reputation of Air. I so have asked him in a comment why not display the warning before the application asks to access the file system, while offering at the same time an option to ask to never display this warning again. Surprisingly Oliver reacts to my comment in a second post. All I can say is that he doesn't like the "just in time warning" solution. 🙂

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XFL, the best new feature in Diesel

Colin Moock announced on his blog that Richard Galvan, the Flash authoring product-manager, reveals him a new feature in Diesel, the codename for next version of the Flash authoring tool.

The revealed feature is that "the next version of the Flash IDE will be able to export *and* import a new source format called XFL". XFL is a FLA file but written in a ZIP compressed XML file. Even better, Adobe will open the XFL format to let anyone generate or use XFL files to generate SWF files.

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Tekool.net English posts are now aggregated by MXNA

Until now, my blog was only aggregated as a French blog in the the French part of MXNA. As I want to write more English posts in the near future I have hacked a little my wordpress install to generate two RSS feeds, one for French posts and another for English ones. The last week I have registered the English feed of my blog with MXNA. It must now work.

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MovieStar, rendering up to twice the speed with a dual core

MovieStar (Flash Player is officially the last Flash Player release that will be downloaded when public users upgrade to the latest Flash Player version. In the summary of the new features that were added to this release, Adobe announce that developers of the Flash Player have worked to Speed the rendering of vectors, bitmaps, filters and video, including true 1080p video, with new multi-core support that takes advantage of up to 4 CPUs.

I was really interested with this announce. I have so made a really simple Flash animation, all timeline-based with 36 steps that tests rendering with : vector, bitmap, filters, rotation, scale, translation.

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Revue de la rencontre avec Mike Chambers et Lee Brimelow

Comme je l'expliquais dans un précédent billet, je me suis rendu à la rencontre avec Mike Chambers et Lee Brimelow sur Paris dans les locaux d'Adobe au Trocadéro. Cette rencontre faisait partie du European User Group Tour organisé par Adobe. Je vais essayer de faire dans ce billet une revue des points intéressants ou nouveaux abordés lors de la rencontre.
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Série de vidéos du “Sneak Peeks” de Max Chicago

Peter Elst met à notre disposition une série de 7 vidéos tournées au “Sneak Peeks” du Max 2007 de Chicago.

Au programme :

  • Flash “Next”
  • Flash on C/C++
  • Flex Applications on Linux
  • Seam Carving
  • Photoshop Express
  • Flash Home for Mobile
  • PDF Packaging

J'évite en général de relayer des informations brutes comme celle-ci, mais cette fois-ci le contenu est trop dense pour être digéré avant d'écrire l'article. Je pense qu'il y aura plus tard quand même matière à discussion après un visionage complet de ce qui nous a été donné en pâture cette année. D'autant plus que Peter Elst prévoit de rajouter de nouvelles vidéos d'ici peu.

Flex 3 sera doté d’un analyseur de performances

Ted Patrick nous apprend sur son blog, que Flex 3, actuellement désigné sous son nom de code Moxie, intégrera un analyseur de performances (code profiler).

Ce n'est pas la première fois que Flex permet d'utiliser un profiler. Le dernier en date était intégré à la version 1.0 de Flex. Mais cette version affichait les résultats sur un serveur local aprés une configuration fastidieuse, l'édition obligatoire d'un fichier avant et aprés chaque séance de profiling et pour finir l'obligation de la présence du fichier SWD généré avec le SWF. Autant dire qu'il était quasimment inutilisable !
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