PureMVC Employee Admin demo for jQuery

PureMVC EmployeeAdmin Demo for jQuery

More and more people ask me to finish the job I started in 2011 on the PureMVC Employee Admin demo for jQuery. So I recently took the time to finish it completely.

The project uses:

Before continuing note that using PureMVC Standard or PureMVC JS Native Port (Cliff spoke recently on Twitter ) instead of Objs would be really easy. It is only syntactic sugar. The libraries used, the architecture, implementation choices will be kept the same.

Also note that this project does not depend on any specific PureMVC for jQuery framework, here jQuery only provides the UI layer, PureMVC and UI layers always stands to be two distincts entities. I found this port illustrate this perfectly.

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Objs JavaScript library update

Objs JavaScript library update

I recently completely refactored the Objs library to make a 2.0 version of it. I also moved its source from Google code to Github.

For those discovering the project, Objs is a tiny and non-intrusive library available with an open source GNU GPL v3 license. It is slowly evolving since 2006 to suit my own needs in JavaScript programming. I used it successfully in most of my personal and professional JavaScript projects.

It is also used in the first JavaScript port ever made for PureMVC which was updated recently to follow the new syntax. As it's a non-instrusive library (meaning that it doesn't pollute DOM nor prototype objects) I made a PureMVC EmployeeAdmin demo for Objs+jQuery and another one with Objs+jQuery mobile which will be added to the PureMVC repositories as soon as possible.

The current library is focused on simplicity:

  • It is only 711 Bytes
  • Objs is itself a Function object and the only public method of its API
  • Support namespaces
  • Support inheritance
  • Shortcut to superclass in their subclasses

Simple but powerful. It has been unit-tested and demonstrated to work perfectly on big applications having more than 300 Objs classes.

Project home: Objs on Github
Documentation: Objs wiki on Github

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PureMVC for Javascript

PureMVC Conceptual Diagram by Cliff Hall

I often use PureMVC in my projects. One of its best features is it can be used in all OOP languages. It only needs a specific port for each language. As it lacked a port in Javascript, I found that it would be a good idea to do it myself for the benefice of the PureMVC community. I've so made the PureMVC and EmployeeAdmin demo port to Javascript in November last year.

You can read the original post PureMVC Framework for JavaScript Available from Cliff Hall the author of PureMVC himself on the PureMVC blog.

All source code, libraries and documentation are available on the homepage of the port of the PureMVC website. You can even play with a live demo.

As I have never taken the time to post the news on my own blog to highlight it, you'll have some details here.

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Gestionnaire de classes Javascript avec Ajax.

En travaillant avec Flash en Actionscript 2, j'ai pris l'habitude d'utiliser des fichiers de classes uniques présentées hiérarchiquement dans une arborescence de dossiers. On utilise chaque classe à partir d'une autre en utilisant la directive *import*. Ce système est trés répandu dans les langages de programmation orientés objet (Actionscript, C#, Java etc...).

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Ajax Javascript classes manager

With Actionscript 2 projects I have been used to work with classes files organized in a tree structure. Each class can use one or more other classes with the *import* keyword. This is a widespread structure in class-based programming languages (Actionscript, C #, Java, etc...).

So while working with Javascript my first thought was to reproduce this so practical structure. This is why some time ago I create a Javascript file loading system that makes possible to recreate this structure with Javascript when taking my first steps with Ajax. I recently had the occasion to use this project, I wanted to give it to the community.

Go to the full AjaxClassLoader project's page.