«Open Source Flash Player petition» website now opened

Open Source Flash Player petition

As you may know through my previous blog post, last year I created a feature request on the Adobe bugbase. It had some minor success. Only 87 people voted for now. I know this is due to the URL located on the Adobe bugbase website, the way that votes are displayed and pretty much because users need to subscribe before seeing the vote numbers and even be able to vote.

So I decided to buy the openplayer.net domain name and to create a website entirely dedicated to a petition to ask Adobe to open source Flash Player.

If you like the idea, please lets spread the information and sign the petition!

Voting for Adobe to open source Flash Player

ActionScript Love Formula Screenshot

I'm not specifically what you can call an "open-source evangelist" nor a specialist of the problem, but as a user and Flash developer, I think it's now time to open-source Flash Player.

Adobe already have made great moves to open source their technologies. Just have a look at the official Adobe websites like opensource.adobe.com, www.openscreenproject.org, www.opensourcemediaframework.com They now have a good knowledge on developing open source softwares destinate to a community.

A lot of things are currently moving around Flash technology, like the W3C hardly looking for royalty-free, open source solutions for HTML5. Open video player initiative. Silverlight 3 becoming now mature on Windows, Mac, and soon Linux. Google buying On2 video solution (the same video codec still in use by Flash Player). And many other things that some of you even better know than me.

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