PureMVC JavaScript Mootools EmployeeAdmin Demo

Mootools and PureMVC logos

As you may know I'm the author of the first PureMVC JavaScript port. I started it in 2008 using a little library of mine called Objs. I also provided a JavaScript EmployeeAdmin demo to test it.

Recently Justin Wilaby contribute to the PureMVC community by providing a new PureMVC port to JavaScript using Mootools. I expected a port to a better known JavaScript framework like Mootools since the first release of my port to JavaScript. My opinion is that we need a PureMVC port to each of the mainstream JavaScript frameworks. I'm still convinced that the more PureMVC code examples we will have for each of them, the more users will understand the gain in working with real architectures, even in JavaScript. That's why, on the announce of the PureMVC port to Mootools, I immediately engaged myself in porting the standard PureMVC EmployeeAdmin application from the Objs port to the Mootools one.

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