PureMVC for TypeScript

PureMVC for TypeScript

As you may already know, TypeScript is a new programming language announced on October 1st,2012. It is written at Microsoft by Anders Hejlsberg (designer of C#, Delphi, Turbo Pascal) with specifications published under an Apache License. Its goal is to output JavaScript from a superset of the language which allows compile-time type checking, classes, interfaces, modules and more while still understanding vanilla JavaScript.

In the week TypeScript was announced I contacted Cliff Hall to tell him I was ready to port TypeScript to PureMVC. He immediately told me that he was ok, probably because he's a well known supporter of «languages that compile-to-JavaScript».

I first tried to develop using Visual Studio 2012 and its dedicated TypeScript module which may had helped a lot to start with TypeScript, but I'm on Windows XP at home and VS 2012 simply doesn't run on it. As a resulting consequence, I made my work using Webstorm for JavaScript and the Node version of the TypeScript compiler (let me know if I missed something specific to Visual Studio 2012).

For the rest, I was lost at least one hour or two before starting the work because of lack of any existing documentation, but using stackoverflow.com and examples from the official TypeScript website, I quickly found all I needed to start with this new language.

Port to PureMVC

For the work on the framework itself, I decided to merge PureMVC ActionScript 3 Standard Framework and my own PureMVC JavaScript for Objs Standard Framework so it has typing from AS3 and required idioms from JavaScript.

As a result of this work I produced three PureMVC TypeScript repositories:

The PureMVC EmployeeAdmin demo can of course also be tested live.

Update: Cliff Hall made the official announce for it on the PureMVC website.

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