FLV Player

Download and installation

FLVplayer_v0.0.5.exe : Now supports On2 VP6 codec (08.29.2006).


FLVplayer v2 beta    ( Comment this on the blog, english is welcomed )

Installing the application :
  1. Download the player installer file above (Win 98/2000/XP) and follow the installation steps
  2. Drag and drop any .flv file into the player window to read it
  3. Some options appears by right-clicking into the window
  4. The window of the player adapts itself to the video and can be resized

FLV player window

What is a file with an FLV extension ?

Files with FLV (for FLash Video ) extension are video files encoded in a format used to produce video from the Macromedia Flash development tool. It is possible to program a player in Flash to read them like the one you can download here, but unfortunately the Flash player itself does not allow to read them directly by file association nor even while drag and dropping the files into it or in the browser.

Why do I need this ?

By default, the installation of the Flash Player or Macromedia Flash development tool does not install any player associated with FLV files to read them as Windows Media Player, Real Player or Quicktime would do it when you click on any .wma, .mow, .rm files. Even if there are already some tools on Internet, it is always irritating not to find immediately a tool to read FLV files when you just need to read them. This player is really simple, I have made it really quickly with the MediaPlayback component from Macromedia Flash MX 2004 and mProjector for the executable file and functionnalities associated to it.

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